The production of original and natural raw materials (obtained from fish for human consumption) thanks to a special Mastelli extraction method makes the medicinal products, medical devices and cosmetics produced by Mastelli srl Officina Bio-Farmaceutica effective and safe also in the field of paediatrics.


Mastelli srl manufactures and markets medicinal products for dermatological use in paediatrics, such as:

  • Placentex®: Placentex® “0.08% cream” 25-g tube
  • MICOXOLAMINA®: MICOXOLAMINA® 1% cream; MICOXOLAMINA® 1% Skin lotion; MICOXOLAMINA® 1% skin solution


Mastelli srl manufactures and markets cosmetics and Class III medical devices for use in the field of paediatrics, such as:

  • Turnover® Ginecologica CE0373 product line containing Polynucleotides to promote naturally occurring protective, trophic and regenerative cutaneous processes.
  • Turnover® Intimo vaginal cream, 30-ml with applicators
  • Turnover® Recto rectal gel, 6 single-dose 5-ml tubes with applicator

Nucliaskin® Line CE0373

  • Nucliaskin® Oral care, oromucosal protective gel with Polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid
  • Medikos medical dermocosmetic line, skin care meeting the different needs of the whole family
  • Turnover® Dermatologic Cream, containing nucleotides to promote skin re-epithelisation and repair in case of eczema, dermatitis, erythema and nappy rashes.
  • Makeskin®, regenerative cream to improve scars and skin trophism. Contains nucleotides, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and onion extract.