Established in 1952 in Sanremo in the province of Imperia, Mastelli s.r.l. Officina Bio-Farmaceutica has been committed since its very beginnings to skincare.

Mastelli srl places patients and their well-being at the centre of every one of its activities.  Its aim is to offer certain and tangible answers to people’s true needs with regard to health and well-being and to improve their quality of life. It does so by means of integrated therapeutic solutions and with paths based on care and healing by providing doctors with direct support.

For this reason, over the years it has focused on Research and Development, production and marketing of drugs, medical devices,  dermocosmetic products and food supplements,  both on its own behalf and for third parties. It has built around its products and reference specialists a network of information and contacts that help to achieve the patients’ well-being.


Mastelli srl markets its products in Italy, where it has set up an external network consisting of agents (one-firm pharmaceutical representatives) and abroad, where in recent years it has made new contacts and consolidated the development of agreements with distributors for exporting its products to other countries both within and beyond Europe.

Mastelli srl has been on the market for over sixty years with drugs and medical devices mainly in the following treatment areas: dermatology, gynaecology, paediatrics, wound care, aesthetic medicine and, starting recently, orthopaedics.

Mastelli srl Officina Bio-Farmaceutica is made up of 4 Business Areas, among which the core business continues to be the marketing of its products on the Italian market. This is followed by exports (the latest field to be created and therefore still at its beginnings, but for which there are great possibilities for development, production for third parties and licenses.

Mastelli srl works basically in three large areas: Drugs, Medical Devices, Dermocosmetics and Food Supplements.

In the Mastelli srl  portfolio, in addition to Placentex® (PDRN), the cicatrising medicinal product in both topical and systemic forms, specific for healing ulcers and wounds, there are other medicinal products such as the topical antifungal line Micoxolamina® (Ciclopirox Olamine) and the vials of Climaclod® for osteoporosis (Clodronate Disodium).

The company’s production includes several Medical Devices, the peculiar feature of which is  represented by Polynucleotides, raw material produced by Mastelli using a unique original and peculiar method. This category of products is the fastest growing one for Mastelli srl and is constantly evolving. Indeed, the company’s R&D activity is aimed basically at the Research and Development and at the innovation of Medical Devices, relating to which Mastelli srl has a very rich know-how.

Mastelli srl ‘s dermocosmetics are products recommended by pharmacists or prescribed by doctors in order to provide support for pharmacological treatment,  as are the food supplements featuring specific action  (trophic and for the post-menopause period)

Although these products are classed as cosmetics, they are formulated with active ingredients and excipients featuring peculiar characteristics so that there is problem-free even for diseased patients or who are receiving pharmacological treatment. In particular they are tested for most allergens, and are products for delicate and irritable skin and products for reducing the appearance of superficial imperfections (e.g. pale and dark patches, scars) and include creams, shampoos, detergents for the body, lotions, supplements, and so on. Alongside these comes the new PLINEST®care line, with products that have an anti-aging effect, that joints up with the line of medical devices for cosmetic medicine.


europaAs part of the constant push for innovation and development which characterises Mastelli SRL‘s activities, the Bio-Pharmaceutical company is launching the expansion and reorganisation of its production units in order to boost production and modernise the company’s production sites, machinery and facilities.

The project is already underway and has received financial support from the Union, via co-funding from POR FESR Liguria 2014-2020.


  • The Mastelli production site now benefits from a new modern warehouse. We also believe in the innovative input of new generations entering the company.
    Dr. Oliviero Cattarini MastelliChairperson
  • Innovation is what has characterised Mastelli since their very beginnings , and that in the last decade has enabled strong development that is projecting the company into what will be our future.
    Dr. Laura Cattarini MastelliBusiness Development
  • For me, the fact that we are a family business is essential, for unique knowledge is passed down from one generation to the next. This way, we are able to constantly improve our products whilst never losing sight of our traditions.
    Dr. Giulia Cattarini MastelliMedical Manager
  • Alone we are invisible, together we are invincible.
    Dr. Maria Claudia TorlascoDirector