The production of original and natural raw materials as the result of a particular Mastelli method for extracting them from fish for human consumption makes the products by Mastelli srl Officina Bio-Farmaceutica effective and safe also in the field of gynaecology for the protection and eutrophism of the vulvar-vaginal and perianal areas.


Mastelli srl manufactures and markets medicinal products for gynaecological use, such as:

  • MICOXOLAMINA®: MICOXOLAMINA® 1% vaginal cream 75-g tube with 15 disposable applicators; MICOXOLAMINA® 1% gynaecological foam 60- ml bottle and measuring cup; MICOXOLAMINA® vaginal pessaries 100-mg 6 3-g pessaries and 6 disposable applicators


Mastelli srl manufactures and markets Class III medical devices for gynaecological applications, including the Turnover® Ginecologica CE0373 line containing Polynucleotides to promote tissue protection and natural cutaneous regeneration.

  • Turnover® Intimo vaginal cream, 30 ml with applicators
  • Turnover® Recto rectal gel, 6 single-dose 5-ml tubes with applicator
  • Turnover® Ovuli, 6 3- g pessaries
  • Turnover®Plus, 6 2- mg pessaries with Terpinenol