Dear User,

In accordance with the Italian Privacy Code (President of the Republic’s Decree no. 196/2003), Mastelli s.r.l., as the Data Processing Controller, hereby inform you that the personal data notified by you will be processed solely for the purpose of carrying on the activity of medical and scientific information about Mastelli s.r.l.‘s medicinal products as indicated below:

  1. Your data will be entered into a data bank containing personal data, organised with IT instruments and means;
  2. Your personal data will therefore be processed using IT and telecommunications tools and may be indicated on printed documents obtained from files processed with said tools;
  3. Your personal data may be notified to outside third parties solely for reasons of security of the processing and connected with the best possible performance of the activity of providing scientific information;
  4. Circulation of your data is specifically excluded;
  5. Mastelli s.r.l. undertakes to comply in full with all the regulations applicable to the activity relating to medical and scientific information and to the processing of personal data.

The names of the persons appointed and of any outside persons responsible for processing of your personal data are available from the Data Controller and your right to access and correction is ensured.

We wish to inform you that your consent to the processing of the data you are asked to provide when completing this form is optional. It is therefore possible for you to refuse your consent, and it is also possible for you to withdraw your consent at any time. As a consequence of any such refusal or withdrawal of your consent, the activity of providing you with medical and scientific information will be ceased.

The Data Processing Controller for your personal data is:
Mastelli s.r.l.
Via Bussana Vecchia, 32 – 18038 Sanremo (province of Imperia)
Phone (PABX): 0039 0184 510950