By drafting its Quality Policy, Mastelli intends to confirm its commitment to the improvement of the quality of its production and in general of its all-round activities, confirming and increasing its presence in the territory, improving its competitiveness and pursuing what Mastelli identifies with ‘maximum customer satisfaction’. To do this, Mastelli is committed to determining the needs of all stakeholders and taking appropriate actions to mitigate the risks and pursue the opportunities of the reference context.

In pursuit of the above stated aims, the management considers it important that all members of the organisation operate in pursuit of the following guiding principles, on which Mastelli’s policy is based:

  • continuous investment in human resources
  • constant updating of manufacturing, management and training operating procedures and related audits
  • maintenance of ISO 9001, 13485, GMP and Farmindustria Protocol certifications
  • maintenance of Doping Free Play Sure certification
  • continuous research and renewal of equipment
  • introduction of initiatives to support environmental sustainability
  • compliance with the needs and expectations of customers and all stakeholders
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System
  • clear, transparent scientific information in line with the principles of the Farmindustria Protocol.

Mastelli’s Quality Management System is an integrated GMP-ISO system and incorporates all regulations of the countries where the products are marketed and distributed.

The Quality Management System is based on the following objectives:

  • Comply with the ethical standards, laws and regulations of the countries in which Mastelli distributes its products
  • research and introduce innovative solutions to improve the wellbeing of the individual, transforming research commitments into therapeutic proposals
  • guarantee the constant quality of the products and services offered
  • monitor processes, products and services offered, with a view to continuous improvement

For Mastelli, safety also has a significant specific weight, which is why the correct application of the Management System to each company sector is guaranteed by the managers of the various areas, through the involvement and participation of all employees. The full sharing of the principles of quality and safety at work is, in fact, essential for the strengthening of a culture oriented towards prevention and mutual respect, and for the maintenance and development of orderly and safe working conditions. The quality policy is therefore a defining element as it is developed according to management strategies and is shared and communicated to all stakeholders.

As of this year, the company has also decided to adopt a Gender Equality Management System in accordance with UNI/PdR 125:2022 guidelines to complement its existing commitment to Quality, in order to encourage, develop and maintain a socially acceptable, identity and inclusive work environment.

Mastelli’s commitment to oppose all forms of discrimination in the workplace is made concrete through actions aimed at:

-communicate internally and externally, including through marketing and publicity activities, the will to pursue gender equality, the valorisation of diversity and to support women’s empowerment by raising awareness of women’s capabilities as well as the possibility of participating and sharing responsibilities on an equal footing with men and with society itself, freeing themselves from cultural and social assumptions and pre-established roles.

– apply the principle of equal treatment to all activities that regulate the professional life of workers in the company (e.g. from recruitment to training; from career advancement to maternity or paternity management)

– eliminate any organisational dysfunctions in work management that could favour, even unintentionally, discrimination or penalising situations

– raise the Organisation’s awareness of the value of diversity, in order to promote and enhance it, through information campaigns and training courses focused on respect for the person and gender equality

– condemn the systematic, intentional use of persecution; harassment; moral or physical violence, motivated by discriminatory intent

– adopt instruments for detecting any discriminatory actions or investigating the perception of such actions that are clearly shared with employees

– guarantee the right to confidentiality both for any victims of harassment or discriminatory actions and for those who perpetrate them

– set up a Steering Committee to ensure the effectiveness of this Policy as well as the monitoring of actions taken

This Policy and the company’s position in relation to the issues of diversity and inclusion and gender equality is confirmed towards all employees; customers; suppliers; partners; users; trade unions and all those who, in some way, fall within the sphere of influence of the value chain.